A quantitative analysis of the propagating human wave
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  Your insight is appreciated

Dear Visitor!

Thank you for your interest in our ongoing research on Mexican waves. We hope you will enjoy watching the video recordings, reading the description of our model and also that you will try the interactive simulations.

You must realize that collecting data on such an unusual social activity is extremely difficult. For this reason, we have decided to make it possible for our visitors to help our research by filling out the short questionnaire below.

Many thanks for your helpful comments in advance.
The Authors.

Have you ever taken part in a Mexican wave?


If yes, did you follow your neighbours or you considered rather the motion of the wave as a whole? Please, explain below:

Do you think that the wave has a preferred direction? (Clockwise or counter-clockwise?)

Have you ever seen two waves initiated by a single source? (i.e., the wave leaving in both directions) If yes, please give details, e.g., when and where.

Perhaps most importantly:

Have you ever taken part in initiating a wave? What did you do? How many of you were needed? Did you try to influence the direction of the wave from the very beginning?

Please, select your geographical location:

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