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Statistical and
Biological Physics research group
of the HAS


Biophysics M.Sc.


Modern fizikai laboratórium fizika B.Sc. szakos hallgatóknak

   The Department of Biological Physics has an important role in physics education not only for students majoring in physics, but also for students majoring in biology, geology, geophysics and chemistry.

According to the core curriculum for undergraduate students, those having completed studies equivalent to the B.Sc. (or the Honours degree) are required to choose one special field from a list of fields to continue their studies in.

At the Department of Biological Physics courses in two of these special fields are offered, namely molecular physics and biophysics. Within these fields, students are offered various advanced experimental courses tought in laboratories, too.

The Institutes of Physics and Biology at Eötvös University have recently started the Biophysics M.Sc.

Besides undergraduate courses, our department is active in numerous programs of the Graduate Schools of Physics and Biology at Eötvös University.

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